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WLF Photo Show Finalist Gallery

2018 Best in Show, Common Loon with Chicks, by Roger Leekam
2018 Second Prize, Great Egrets Mating Ballet, by Roger Leekam
2018 Third Prize, Magenta and Cream, by Karin McDonald
2018 Best Lilac Photo, Against the Sky, by Gerry Gerling
2018 Second Prize, Lilac Photo, Hummingbird Moth on Lilac, by Mary Weilandt
2018 Third Prize, Lilac Photo, White Blue, by Katherine Lawrence
2018 Youth First Prize, Lost in the Notes, by Ash McDonald
2018 Youth Second Prize, Accented Analogic Flower, by Monica Cordeiro
2018 Youth Third Prize, YeeHaw!!!, by Melissa Cahill
2018 Finalist, Zion Mountain Goats, by Sandra Johnston
2018 Finalist, POP Floral, by Karin McDonald
2018 Finalist, Young Elk, by Gerry Gerling
2018 Finalist, Parenting, by Denise Denley
2018 Finalist, Yukon Kits, by Susan Guy
2018 Finalist, Rustic Beauty, by Debby Smit
2018 Finalist, Indian Pipe, by Isabel Veldhuis
2018 Finalist, Sunflower Field, by Isabel Veldhuis
2018 Finalist, Morning fog in the Orchard, by Isabel Veldhuis
2018 Finalist, Buckhorn Lake, by Carl Welbourn
2018 Finalist, Tofino, by Sandra Randle
2018 Peoples Choice, Beach Ball, by Karin McDonald
2018 Finalist, Camouflage, by Alicia Stapley
2018 Finalist, Burleigh Falls, by Robert Ferguson
2018 Youth Finalist, Into the Spiral by Joey Cantarutti
2018 Youth Finalist, Fairy Godess, by Emily Crockford
2017 Best in Show, Snow Much Fun, by Karin McDonald
2017 Second Prize, The Proud Homemaker, by Peter Hamley
2017 Third Prize, A Foot in Cold Water, by Allan Short
2017 Best Lilac Photo, Lavender Lilac, by Linda Cardona
2017 Youth First Prize, The Nature of Friendship, by Kassidy-Claire Hutcheson
2017 First Youth Runner-up, Under the Falls, by Connor Kujawinski
2017 Second Youth Runner-up, Early Morning Cry, by MacKayla McQueen
2017 Finalist, On Golden Pond, by Karin McDonald
2017 Finalist, Sun Shower, by Linda Cardona
2017 Finalist, Spotting the Prey, by Cindy Conlin
2017 Finalist, The Monarch by Laura Berman
2017 Finalist, Spring Emerging, by Gabriela Surerus
2017 Finalist, Lilacs in Mauve, by Norma Keith
2017 Finalist, On the Dale Road, by Christopher HC Brown
2017 Finalist, Sunflower, by Isabel Veldhuis
2017 Finalist, Sun Flowers, by Allan Short
2017 Finalist, Prince Edward County Geese by Larry Tayler
2017 People's Choice Award, Mysterious Woods, by Gabriella Hamley
2017 Finalist, June Sky, by Laura Berman
2017 Finalist, Flying High, by J. Mary Weilandt
2017 Finalist, Resting Tree Frog, by J. Mary Weilandt
2017 Finalist, Intimate Secrets, by Peter Hamley
2017 Finalist, Feeling Antsy, by Peter Hamley
2017 Finalist, Twin Peaks, by Kevin O'Grady
2017 Finalist, Winter Show Off, by Lorraine McLean
2016 First Prize, Allium on Ice by Laura Berman
2016 Honourable Mention, Reflections in the Sky by Laura Berman
2016 Second Prize, Euphoria by Linda Carona
2016 Honourable Mention, In Full Blue-m by Linda Cardona
2016 Finalist, Pretty in Pink by Linda Cardona
2016 Youth First Runner-up, Bubble POP by Kort Clifford
2016 Finalist, Choosing the Perfect Flower by Cindy Conlin
2016 Finalist, Peeking Owl by Cindy Conlin
2016 Finalist, Great Egret by Tony Crocker
2016 Third Prize, Osprey in Spring by Tony Crocker
2016 Finalist, Spider Web by Jenny Fisher
2016 Finalist, Rouge by Jennifer Gibson
2016 Finalist, Dragonfly in Flight by Gabriella Hamley
2016 Founder's Award, Lilacs in the Pond by Gabriella Hamley
2016 Finalist, Coral Pink Sand Dunes by Sandra Johnston
2016 Finalist, Great Blue Heron by Ellen Koteen
2016 Honourable Mention, Algonquin Sunrise by Roger Leekam
2016 Finalist, Red-necked Grebes Feeding Chick by Roger Leekam
2016 Finalist, Two Tone Fantasy by Margaret Liddon
2016 Finalist, Glistening March Morning by Lorraine McLean
2016 Finalist, Shimmering March Morning by Lorraine McLean
2016 Honourable Mention, Shifting Sands by Kevin O'Grady
2016 Youth Second Runner-up, A Day in May by Jennifer Onwuemeodo
2016 Finalist, Nature by Bob Perks
2016 Finalist, Sea of Purple by Carol Quinn
2016 Founder's Award Honourable Mention, Purple Playground by Jan Swenson
2016 Honourable Mention, Blue Heron by Isabel Veldhuis
2016 Youth First Prize, Celebration at Dawn by Grace West
2016 Youth Honourable Mention, An Evergreen's Sorrow by Lauren Zweerink